• (free talk event)

    Let's Work in Japan

    as a Software Engineer

    for Developers in Moscow

    @Рабочая Станция Artplay, Moscow

    13.00~14.30 on Saturday, March 10th, 2018


    Job Port Japan, a global recruiting company will introduce potential job opportunities as a Software Engineer in Tokyo, Japan


    Past event report (http://blog.study-japan-guide.com/blog/rabota_v_yaponii_v_sfere_it.html)

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    What you will learn...

    1) Japanese software companies are hiring global talents all over the world.

    2) Software engineer job opportunity in Tokyo, Japan (No Japanese skill needed)

    3) How easy to get a job in Tokyo, Japan

    4) Working culture and Living Life in Japan

    Time table

    12.30~ Open

    13.00~ Presentation

    13.30~ Q&A

    13.45~ Networking


    Takeshi Hoshina (takeshi.h@geoad.co.jp)

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    Job Port Japan is a global recruiting company.

    Representing some top Japanese software companies.

    We're looking for talented Russian Software Engineers who are interested in working in Japan.

    Takeshi Hoshina

    Global Recruiter at Job Port Japan